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The Statue of Justice - lady justice or Iustitia _ Justitia the Roman goddess of Justice_e



The Irwin Firm, P.C. is a small concierge law firm, with a professional team of dedicated lawyers and staff who are  client centered, solution driven, success focused advocates, passionate  about achieving your legal goals, while exceeding your expectations. 
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Firm Principles

The Irwin Firm, P.C. principles are rooted in the belief that each client has a right and expectation that their attorney will: 
  • Always put the best interst of the client first. 
  • ​Work with client to understand their legal needs and goals. 
  • Inform clients about the relevant areas of law and procedure.
  • Set reasonable and proper expectations for the client.  
  • Vigorously and professionally advocate for the client. 
  • Always be honest with the client.
  • Always tell the client what they need to hear and know. 
  • if a mistake is made, fix it. 
  • Bill Honestly; and 
  • Be available to the Client. 
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